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Service Description: The USGS Vegetation Characterization Program is a cooperative effort by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the National Park Service Inventory & Monitoring - Vegetation Mapping Program to classify, describe, and map vegetation communities in more than 270 national park units across the United States. To produce the digital map that is represented by this web service, a combination of 1:12,000-scale aerial infrared photographs acquired in October 2005, GPS referenced ground data and two reconnaissance field trips were used to interpret the complex patterns of vegetation and land-use. Ultimately, 19 map units were defined to describe all the land cover within the project boundary. This includes 13 that describe the vegetation. All of the interpreted and remotely sensed data were converted to Geographic Information System (GIS) databases using ArcGIS software. Draft maps were printed, field tested, reviewed and revised. During the summer of 2008 275 accuracy assessment (AA) data points were collected and used to determine the map's accuracy. After final revisions, the accuracy assessment revealed an overall thematic accuracy of 75%. Please visit to download the data and obtain the complete FGDC metadata record.

Map Name: Chickasaw National Recreation Area (CHIC), OK


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Layers: Description: Chickasaw National Recreation Area Vegetation Mapping Project - Park Boundary and Spatial Vegetation Data

Copyright Text: National Park Service, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Spatial Reference: 102113  (3785)

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