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Service Description: The Canyon de Chelly National Monument Vegetation Map Database was developed as a primary product in the Canyon de Chelly National Monument Vegetation Classification, Distribution, and Mapping project. The map database represents vegetation at three levels of thematic organization at the park: the base, group, and management map classes. Most of the base map classes represent plant communities identified to National Vegetation Classification associations. The associated report, Vegetation Classification and Distribution Mapping Report: Canyon de Chelly National Monument, describes in detail the methods used to develop the map database and map classes. The project was sponsored by the USA-National Vegetation Mapping Program and the National Park Service (NPS) Southern Colorado Plateau Network and the work was executed by a multi-agency and organizational team. The vegetation map database covers the park and an approximately 1 kilometer buffer around the park boundary. Please visit to download the data.

Map Name: Canyon_de_Chelly_NM_AZ


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Copyright Text: Southern Colorado Plateau Network, USGS Southwest Biological Science Center, Sonoran Desert Research Station

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